Welcome to ‘Hope & Awareness’, a mental health blog covering both personal, societal, and international issues relating to mental health (predominantly eating disorders).
My name is Erin, and I am a 21 year old psychology student based in North Essex, studying in Bath.


Why blogging? 

I have previously blogged before, but never consistently. I hope for this blog to act as both an educational tool to inform people about mental health (particularly anorexia and depression), whilst also providing hope and support to those struggling, as well as friends and family members of someone who may be suffering.



Towards the end of 2010, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder. Since then, I have experienced multiple relapses, severe depression, and of course- recovery.
Throughout my GCSE examinations (for any international folk- these are exams sat at the end of secondary school, ages 15-16) I was mostly absent from school for the two years. However, I believe my recovery only began after being admitted to a young persons psychiatric unit in 2012. Following suicide attempts, I spent just over a month surrounded by mental health professionals and other young people- some as young as 10, struggling greatly with issues including self harm, bulimia, depression, anorexia, and personality disorders. It was this experience which first shocked me in to wanting to change. From this point on, there were multiple set backs. A year later I was re-admitted to the same hospital as a day patient, and the following year I was forced to drop out of college to become an inpatient at Rhodes Farm eating disorder clinic in London.


Whilst I wish that could be where my recovery story ended, there have since been more relapses. Upon moving away for university, I relapsed in my first, second, and third year- the latter occurring whilst in Boston, USA and resulting in an unplanned return to the UK from November-January.


Despite my relapse in November 2017, I am happy to have been able to complete my placement year in Boston and I returned back to England early July (2018). I now have a long summer back at home before I head back to Bath for my final year(!)

For now, I just want to share my personal experiences, break down some myths and stereotypes surrounding mental illness, and hopefully provide a little bit of hope for anyone in need of it.

Thanks for stopping by! If you have any questions, feel free to drop me an email at


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